in the blink of an eye

This was my final project for one of my favorite classes in my entire academic career, ARTD 252 Interactive Digital Art. That class was my first introduction to coding as a thing you could do far more with than "just" spit html out on a page. It was eye-opening. 

Challenge: How do you design an interactive visualization that captivates from one data point to over two billion?

I graduated in the summer of 2014. It felt like my college experience went by in the blink of an eye.

How long is a blink? (330 milliseconds)

How many blinks was college really? (approximately 2,096,639,997 blinks, give or take a few)

Why did they go so fast? (don’t say time flies when you’re having fun don’t say time flies when you’re

Each trail spawned represents one ‘blink,’ and new blinks spawn every 330ms.

Check the code on github. Requires Processing to run.

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